About Us!

Top to Bottom Baby was the brain child of Jess and Justin.  The reason we do this, the reason we work so hard to educate everyone about the natural products available is because we believe they make a difference.  We've seen the differences that our natural choices have made in their lives and want to share that with others.  

Of course, these are our reasons for opening the store, they are also part of our every day activities.  On any given day, you may meet Cadence or Zachary helping in the stores, playing with toys, or fawning over the babies that come in!  We are so fortunate that they are able to spend time with us.

From Justin:
T2B started as a project for Jess.  With the birth of Zach, who was over a month early, we realized we needed diapers and needed them quickly.  Plus, who can resist the opportunity to play with diapers before you purchase?  The worst part for Jess--waiting on diapers, so she wanted to save that trouble for local moms.  As the business grew, I developed my role in the business and eventually took over the store when we moved to the Center St. location.  My favorite thing is the opportunity to tell moms and dads all of the wonderful aspects of cloth diapers and other natural parenting products!

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